The Slovak ambassy in Brussels interviewed me, we spoke about Dramatelier, creative activity for Slovak speaking children living in Brussels, which I am organizing. The whole article in Slovak language is here: LINK

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Numi Numi – Baju Baju


I had the pleasure to work together with theatre Klankennest on their online lullaby concert. I designed and developed the visuals for five world lullabies. Magical dreamy images, soft melodies all developed with love for very young audiences.

Via this LINK you can buy access to both Numi Numi video’s.

All images were made with analog projectors. Visit my visual work here: @lena_stael_kohut





(c) Wim Dewitte


Op zee


The very young ones need theater just like anyone else, if not even more. Op zee was made for the very young children. Children from 3 months join our show, they listen, they sleep, they enjoy… I want to share some of the nice moments here.

We are hoping to be back on stage this year. Here are the dates we have planned by now.

07.05.2021 Cultuurhuis Altena, Kontich

26.06., Machelen

25.09.2021, Bibliotheek Lettertuin, Sint – Pieters – Woluwe

02.11.2021, GC ’t Heilaar, Beerse

21.11.2021 CC Zoetegem, Zottegem

IMG_2481_web (c) Michiel Devijver IMG_2463_web (c) Michiel Devijver IMG_2430_web (c) Michiel DevijverIMG_2487_web (c) Michiel Devijver (c) Michiel Devijver


 (c) Gintaras Bernota