The Cake Story

A boring vacation at grandpa will turn to an adventure when two sisters Coucou and Lola bake the biggest cake ever. It’s so big that they can’t eat it on their own. In the animal shelter they find a pink pig Johnny who will eat the whole cake. Oops, his belly gets so big that he can’t move anymore!
Poetical but hilarious at the same time! Puppets and actors meet each other in this show full of songs. Be prepared for some action: we will need you to help us with navigation, dough kneading and singing!

‘I love Kukulu!’ – Niina Lindroos, Teatteri SudenEnne, Finland

Winner of the festival Spekken  2014/2015 in the category “best show for children of 3 to 5 years old”. Spekken is a children’s theatre festival held yearly in the town of Ghent, Belgium, where a children’s jury chooses the best performances.

*this performance is not available for booking since 2018

age: 3+

duration: 50 min

script, directing, acting: Lena Stael Kohut

directing, music, acting: Jakob Verstichel

puppets and stage design: Tereza Mojžišová

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