KUKULU _ interactive theatre for young audiences

In 2010, two graduates of the puppetry program at the Bratislava Academy of Arts decided to bring quality theater to toddlers. Kukulu began to tour intensively along Vienna’s daycare centers, family centers.
Three productions later, Kukulu continues its work in Belgium and tours theaters and cultural centers in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, festivals in Finland, Slovakia and Austria.
Our motivation is to write and tell stories in which a character is central and the audience, especially young children, can confront this character. Our heroes often struggle with fears or failures. As we follow the storyline and search for solutions, we allow children to participate. We create a safe space, where children can react, get closer to the event, laugh and ask questions. Kukulu’s theater shows are interactive and the audience is part of the story.



Lena Stael Kohut is theater maker and founder of Theatre Kukulu, artistic director and performer. She studied puppetry at the Academy of Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia and Academy of applied Sciences in Turku, Finland. She started Kukulu as a suitcase theatre with interactive performances for children from three years old. Later she focuses on younger audiences, babies and toddlers with “On the sea”.

She teaches puppetry as freelancer and organizes Dramatelier, creative workshops based on techniques of drama in education.

She writes poetry and creates images and video projections with analog projectors. She lives and creates in Belgium.




Tereza Mojžišová is a set and costume designer and a puppet and doll maker.
She studied costume design, scenography and technology of puppet making at the Academy of Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia. She collaborated with several Slovak theatres and currently works for the art studios of Slovak National Theatre (SND), Bratislava.

To make puppets she is mostly modeling and sewing. She was at the very beginning of the creation of Theatre Kukulu and she is the author of most of the puppets and visual components.

She loves children books, exhibitions, theatre and concerts.

She lives in Bratislava with her husband and two children.



Collaborative artists: AnnaMarie Ignarro (music), JakobVerstichel (poppenspeler), Alex Dubravicka (graphics), Fran Van Gysegem (video), Roos Buskes (puppet design)

Partners and collaborations

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